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fruits_egl_gal's Journal

FRUiTS & EGL Acessories
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Hello all! Welcome to the FRUiTS & EGL Accesories community. Here, you can show off any of your especially FRUiTSy or EGL accesories (though anything besides that is totally welcome). The reason I created this community was because I was always bummed not being able to see too many accesories. The rules of the community are so simple:
-Please keep swearing at a minimum (in my dictionary, "suck" and "crap" are not swears unless you are a 9-year-old, in which case I'm not sure if you should be lurking around LJ anyways...).
-No cybering. Save that for Gaia PMs...jk!
-No flaming, trolling, or any other form of being...well, mean.
-No harassment to users.
-No racist or sexist remarks.
-Please use the...*looks at well-known communities* LJ cut. Sorry, I don't know the 'lingo' well because I'm a fairly new member trying to figure out how it all works *sweat drop*
-If you break the rules, I'll have to boot you out -.-

Mmkay? Good! Sorry, rules are stinky. But, I gotta have 'em anyways. Now, off you camera-clicking-ish!!! Off you go, laddies and lasses!

~~~~~fruits_egl_gal a.k.a cutie_luna ^_^~~~~~